Thursday, 12 May 2016

Superdrug Mid May Haul

I'm addicted to purchasing things from Superdrug, mostly placing 1-3 orders per week because they are always adding new things.I have purchased a lot and decided to break it down, because I didn't want to ramble/type to much for you all to read and wanted to keep it simple as well.The haul that I have above is a bunch of products that I've purchased around the end of April up until today, with two new products that arrived yesterday that I got to try and some new that arrived today.

I want to talk about the Makeup Revolution Contour Palette first, which I purchased back in April and I'm so glad I did.This palette comes with 6 contour shades and two highlighters, that are extremely pigmented, despite the cheap price of £8.These are powdered however they do have an option of a cream contour if your not keen on powders.I also own the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and out of the two, I prefer Makeup Revolution for a few main reasons.The pricing between them is a massive with the ABH costing £39 and the MR is £8.Secondly as mentioned the above, the pigmentation of this contour palette is amazing and is pretty much the same to the ABH kit, so I'm obviously going to go for the cheaper alternative.Lastly, this comes with a mirror which may depend on our own preferences, because paying £39 with no mirror is a bit sucky compared to an £8 one with a mirror.I used it with my new Revlon brush below instead of my Real Techniques brush, and you can see that highlighter reflecting!These do sell like hotcakes, selling out very fast so grab one while you can: Powder Contour    Cream Contour
I'm reviewing the Revlon Contour/Highlighting Brush next, that arrived a few hours ago and I got to try it for the first time.I want to firstly mention on how much I hate the packaging of this brush and really hope Revlon sort this out.The brush comes in a box which I'm fine with, but after removing this, it has another box which is used to protect the brush.As you can see in the image below, my brush is glued down to the packaging, and this wasn't some small amount of glue either.It was very hard to get it unstuck, with the worry of either snapping the brush in half or removing the paint off, it was that stuck!Eventually I was able to separate them, but there was way too much glue applied to be having it stuck down that much. The brush in general, I prefer way over my Real Techniques brush (at the moment), because I found it easier to apply my contour and made it blending so much quicker.The bristles are extremely soft on the skin, which was my main concern as there last makeup brushes were a complete flop.I'm in love with the design of these, with a diamond shape at the bottom and "Revlon" in a deep red colour.Superdrug currently have all of there brushes on sale ranging between £4.99-£6.99 and are selling out pretty quick. Revlon Contour/Highlighting Brush 

L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil has always been one of my favourites, but the £9.99 price tag never sat well with me.They've recently released an 50ml bottle, with it currently being on sale for £2.98.Despite having a lot of hair, I would only need 1-2pumps that would just be enough without it looking greasy.I decided to pick up one of these, because its always been an essential for my hair in the summer to stay nourished, hydrated, shiny and frizz free.If your someone who doesn't like the £9.99 price tag, and don't use a lot, I'd recommend picking one of these up, before they go back up.L'Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil 
Another one of my favourite L'Oreal products is the Skin Perfection Moisturiser.Before purchasing this, I would swear by Garnier's Moisture Match Illuminating Cream.It took me a while to decide to purchase this, because the RRP is £14.99, and I wasn't willing to pay that kind of money on a moisturiser.During a glitch, it was knocked down to £6.98, I grabbed it before it was rectified.I've had this since March, and the amount I have left is in the picture above of using it on a daily basis.You only need a small pea sized amount to cover your whole face (and I have a very big round face!) I suffered from un-even skintone on my face, mostly with lighter patches across my face, despite it being quite smooth.Since using this, my skintone has now evened out perfectly, with my skin feeling very moisturised and smooth too.Its a great base for foundation, working great with my NARS Foundation, that we all know is one of the most liquidy foundations ever!.The cream is scented, and for me personally its not too overpowering at all and in general smells lovely.Its on offer at Superdrug for most of the time too which is a bonus.L'Oreal Skin Perfection Moisturiser
I'm not going to write much about these because I have done a review on these on another post which you can find here.These 3 nail varnishes are by Sinful Colors , in the range "King Kylie" formally designed by Kylie Jenner.I reviewed them for the first time yesterday with pictures on how they looked, and I'll be 100% buying more from this range.They are priced at £3 per bottle which is a very good price for what they achieve.Make sure you check out the pictures here and they can be purchased from Superdrug here

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