Sunday, 29 May 2016

Summer Sweets: Stay Fresh This Summer

I'm a huge fan of sweet scented products and with the warm weather heating up in the UK, its perfect to smell sweet and fresh.The weather has been really hot in the past week, and it seems quite a few people are lacking in the hygiene department.I understand for some people that suffer from Hyperhidrosis, this cannot be helped and body odour can contribute to this.This post was designed for those that are looking for some lovely sweet scented products, that will keep you nice and fresh during this festival season.All of the products mentioned are available at Superdrug and the prices mentioned are what they were at the time of this post so it may differ.
Sure deodorants has always been a top favourite of when it comes to them lasting the whole day.This is my favourite Sure deodorant, that smells like strawberries & apricots.It states on the bottle that it lasts up for 48hours, which I can confirm it does last up to that long as I tested this out.It doesn't leave any white marks on clothing either which I was worried about as I wear a LOT of dark clothing.If your someone who is fairly worried about ingredients, this doesn't contain alcohol.The Garnier one below is more suited for you as it doesn't contain alcohol or parabens.The price is £3.39 for 125ml or £1 for 75ml.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I've been using this Garnier deodorant since last year and I still have over half the bottle left.You only need the smallest amount that will last up to 48hours and leaving you smelling very fresh too.This doesn't contain alcohol or parabens, which is a bonus.The pricing is a lot better with these costing only £1.48 for 250ml
Aussie Shower Smoothie
I've been a huge fan of Aussie products for years, and if you've used them yourself, you know they smell incredible.The bubblegum scent is gorgeous and has a lovely pink/purple colour to it.I love to use it mostly when I have a bath, because this creates so many bubbles and like I mentioned, it smells gorgeous.The Australian Macadamia nut oil leaves the skin feeling extremely smooth and is perfect for a pamper weekend.This is currently on offer for £3.16 for a 400ml bottle.

I Love...Raspberry Ripple
I spoke about these bath & shower crémes back in March, and I've been a huge fan of them since then.The other two flavours I've tried are chocolate fudge and minty chocolate chip.They do smell amazing as well, but I favour the raspberry ripple out of the three.I'm a huge fan of the packaging too, and find it really cute with the little decorations all over the bottle.The scent lasts roughly between 3-4hours which isn't that long lasting, however it works best when used in the bath.This creates a ridiculous amount of bubbles, and leaves your skin very soft.The pricing is pretty good too, for a 500ml bottle it only costs £2.99.

Imperial Leather Fruit Chew Shower Cream

You ever remember those fruit salad sweets that you were given as a kid?This product smells exactly like that and it makes you want to seriously drink it.It does leave the skin soft, but not as soft as the other products mentioned in this post.A lot of people have been favouring this when I use it, and I really wish they would do a spray of it as well so I can have it in my room.They only cost £1.80 or 2 for £2 (crazy right?!) for a 250ml bottle.
Hope your all enjoying this lovely weather so far :) x

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