Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Sinful Shine: King Kylie Collection

Sinful Colors have been one of my favourite nail varnish products for some time now, and I was really intrigued when I went on Superdrug to find Kylie Jenner has her own range with them.The colour selection wasn't that helpful on Superdrug, so I decided to go on the main website of Sinful Colors to check each one out.After spending 45minutes "ooooh-ing" and "ahhh-ing" trying to decide what to get, I eventually chose: Kryptonite, Miss Chief and Kreme De La Kreme.
Kryptonite I was very determined on getting, because when I first glanced at it, it reminded me of the character Zelena from Once Upon A Time.I decided to try this one first purely for that reason and the fact that I'm obsessed with the show as well.The packaging of these are all very pretty, with the brush applicator making it very easy to apply to the nails.The formula of Kryptonite is fairly thick, which may be down to the "Gel Tech", so I'd recommend taking care when doing each nail, or you'll end up with a gloopy bit running off the side.To achieve the colour provided in the image, I had to use two coats as just the one left it too sheer for my liking and I wanted to achieve the same colour as the bottle.It took approximately 10minutes for my nails to dry and I didn't put a top coat on top, because I wanted to see how they last without it.The colour is still vibrant since applying it 3hours ago and zero chipping on the nails at all.With this nail colour, I'm sure Zelena would approve.The price of each one is £3 and can be purchased here
Next up I tried the colour Miss Chief, that I purchased mainly to achieve a pedicure.This one has little sparkles of glitter which wasn't shown or mentioned on the website, so I was extremely excited to apply this to my toes.Taking the brush out, it was fairly obvious that the formula of this one was more watery, so I took extreme care when applying to my nails.Applying this one was an absolute pain in the bum, with it running everywhere and transferring all over the place.I was unable to even complete one nail, the formula is that bad with this one, and the glittery specs don't even show up.Its a shame because it really could of been a lovely colour to have on the nails, but its near impossible to get a neat application.If you're still thinking of getting it, it can be purchased here

Lastly I tried Kreme De La Kreme, which I was really excited about, because this is explained as a "Rose Gold" shade, and I love rose gold.Thankfully, the formula of this one is the exact same as Kryptonite, so it wasn't an issue applying it to my nails at all.I was actually expecting it to not be as pretty as it was advertised to be honest, because rose gold shades are mostly a hit and miss, especially for such a cheap price too.To achieve the same colour as the bottle, I only used one coat and it dried within 10minutes.Again since applying it a few hours ago, the colour hasn't faded at all and their is still zero chipping.This shade can be purchased here                                                                                                                                                                                    Overall I'm very happy with these, despite not getting along well with Miss Chief.Out of all of them, Kryptonite has to be one of my favourite colours and I feel these are going to be selling like hotcakes.Kylie has come out with some really lovely colours here, and I'm looking forward to be purchasing more from this collection and from her other ranges too.The next range is due to be released at Superdrug on June 1st.Check out the full collection with dates on Superdrug

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