Sunday, 1 May 2016

Bank Holiday Pamper Weekend

Its been a longtime since I've had time to unwind and relax, cutting off the world for a few hours to have some "me" time.I hate putting myself first, because thats just the way I am and I love being able to help others in anyway that I can, but eventually it starts to take its toll on you.I'm not one to spend hundreds on products either to achieve this, and rather go with a cheap alternative that I know that I'm going to enjoy, whilst feeling refreshed too.Instead of doing it all in one day, I've split it into two instead, because I know for a fact I'll either get distracted by blogging, emails or games.
So far today I've used Aussie Body Wash, Barry M Nail Paint and Rimmels Brit Manicure.I spent an hour soaked in Aussie Shower Smoothie, which leaves my skin extremely soft afterwards thanks to the Macadamia Nut Oil.If you've used Aussie hair products in the past, (for example the 3minute miracle) it smells exactly like that bubblegum scent that lasts all day.After that I threw on my Burgundy Bralet which not only is cheap but is the only bralet that can carry my huge boobs.Its also one of the most comfiest bralets too, which makes it perfect to just chill around the house in.
I've never been a fan of overly bright nail polish colours, so I wanted to keep it simple with just going with a manicure colour for my fingernails.Rimmel's Brit Manicure in the shade English Rose is one of the closest shades to my natural nail colour, using 2-3coats to give it more of that rosy pink as seen in the picture above.This is a gel polish and is very easy to apply to the nails with the wide brush, considering I normally suck at applying these to my nails.It takes between 5-10minutes for them to fully dry, leaving them looking shiny and lasting up to 3weeks.Taking my second nail polish by Barry M in the shade Rose Hip, I decided to apply this to my toenails.Its a fairly bright pink colour and dries nearly to a matte finish.This is fairly more difficult to apply because its extremely runny, hence the reason why I haven't added a photo of my feet because I pretty much failed at applying and it looks like a child has painted all over them (oooops).My toes took roughly 30-40minutes to dry, which is far too long to be sitting in one position and do nothing, so of course I played some Croc 2 to pass the time.
Day 2 Pamper:
I was extremely excited to try the face mask, because it was my first time using it and reading all the positive reviews got me really excited for it.Superdrug have currently got there 3 for 2 offers on skincare cosmetics, with these only costing between 60p-99p.
I decided to try the Yogurt Smoothie Mask, that is a blend of cocoa butter, vanilla and honey.Firstly this mask smells absolutely amazing and is not too overpowering at all.It was extremely easy to distribute across the face and I still have just over half of the product left in the sachet that I'm saving for next time.The wait time to leave this on is between 10-15minutes, which is a reasonable amount of time, so I decided to apply my Herbal Essences Bee Strong Hair Mask, leaving that on my hair for ten minutes.Removing the face mask with warm water, whilst gently patting my face with a towel to remove excess water, left my face extremely soft and moisturised.This mask does mention not to use around the upper mouth area, but this may be down to people who are sensitive in that area or regularly use hair removal treatments.
Lastly to finish up, I applied my favourite body butter by Garnier.This is targeted for people that have very dry skin, which I don't have but I love getting that extra nourishment.I mainly apply it to my arms and legs, that are left very soft for the whole day thanks to the royal jelly and honey ingredients.For the rest of the day I just plan to catch up on Once Upon A time and complete Croc 2.Hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday weekend :) 

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