Tuesday, 5 April 2016

VITASTIK First Impressions

I've never smoked a cigarette or vapour in my life, mainly because I've never had an interest in trying it and like to keep myself healthy.Along with my anxiety issue's, I also suffer from Vitamin Deficiency, with the main problem is that my body can't absorb vitamins very well, lacking nutrients.I was taking tablets or liquid medicine to help with this, but it tastes absolutely disgusting and I got sick of taking them.I then decided to change my diet, introducing more meat and veg, as my B12 levels were extremely low.My Vitamin levels increased gradually, and I was feeling better, mainly energy levels wise and no longer feeling faint all the time.With my blogging recently becoming part of my daily routine, its hard to get my daily vitamins fitted in like I used too, and would normally snack instead of having full meals.I came across the company VitaStik recently, who have produced Vitamin Vamporizer's that are nicotine and tobacco free, infused with vitamins and organic plants.They come in 5 different flavours and you get up to 500drags out of them, which then can be easily disposed of.

I received 3 of them (which I got to choose from this morning) which VitaStik kindly sent to me to review.I decided to choose these 3 out of the 5 for specific reasons.Relax was to be an alternative for that extra relaxation when I may feel extra anxious or tense.Energize to help me with my energy levels in the morning, and throughout out the day when on blogging assignments.Grace was mainly for the flavour, and to increase my Vitamin levels along with all the others too.At first I was a bit skeptical of trying these, because I didn't know what to expect.I've tried Relax and Grace so far, with them both tasting amazing.Grace has to be my favourite flavour so far because its peppermint and cherry.My stepdad who is trying to give up smoking, tried these two as well, liking the flavours and the alternative to other nicotine products.This product is aimed at non-smokers and smokers who are trying to quit, so its suitable for everyone.You can check out all the other information including ingredients on each one here: VitaStik UK 
A full review will be posted very soon :)

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