Friday, 22 April 2016

Summer Beauty Treats

With the warm summer weather and festival season just around the corner, this gave me an excuse to purchase some new goodies.I figured to purchase some new skincare products, since my recent Korres toner has began drying my skin out and went a bit over the top with Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup.My price range for toners is normally up to £10, and I look for toners that clean, remove makeup and moisturise, while within that price range.I'd had my eyes on the NARS Hydrating Toner for sometime, and heard many good reviews about it, but I was really put off by the £23 price.I kept looking online to find something and my Korres toner began to annoy me because even though I would apply a large amount of cream afterwards, my skin would be so dry from it.I eventually caved in and have been using it since tuesday to replace it.The appearance of my skin has drastically improved, removing the dry patches I had around my mouth and evening out my skintone.It works great with my Max Factor Foundation, but works even better with the NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation.

Following on from using the toner, I decided to try the Nivea Express Hydration Primer, which only cost me £2.45 (RRP £4.99).I've only ever tried one primer, which was at least 6years ago (which was Nivea) and I just completely hated it and never touched one since.It was the discounted price Superdrug had on there Nivea products that made me decide to try them again, hoping that I would achieve better results this time.Upon dipping my finger into the product it felt extremely gel like, and whilst applying it to my face, my first thought was "this is going to leave my skin sticky".I was so very wrong, as my skin easily absorbed the cream leaving it extremely soft and ready to be used as a base for makeup after 2minutes.My foundation applied a lot more easy  and lasted pretty much for the whole day.For only £2.45, its a pretty good primer and at this stage I will be buying more after the trial period.

I was waiting the whole day to try the Nivea regenerating night cream, since I swore by Garniers Restore night cream that only costs £1.95 (RRP £3.99).I decided to stop using the Garnier night cream, as the scent was way too perfumed for a nightcream.Superdrug had this cream on sale for £2.65 (RRP £5.35), so there was no hesitation on trying this.After using my NARS toner to remove my makeup, applying the cream at 10:20pm (its now 10:54pm), my skin was left extremely soft, moisturised and is smelling incredible as its really relaxing.Its made with pure natural ingredients which is a complete bonus for myself and my skin.
Lastly I decided to get a new deodorant, because I was getting bored of the Garnier one that I've been using all winter.Whilst browsing on Superdrug (again!), I was immediately attracted to the "strawberry and apricot" scent that was listed in the description box.It was also on offer for £1.50 for 125ml.The scent smells exactly like it states, more like strawberries which I love and lasts for the whole day.It doesn't leave any white staines on clothing either as I tested this by wearing a black top.More summer treats coming soon :)

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