Saturday, 16 April 2016

I'm Back!Update and Things!

Its been a while since I've posted on here, and I'm so sorry that I haven't been active much on my blog.A week ago today, my twitter was hacked, and my blog was also attempted to be hacked into as well.This person/persons decided to tweet some very nasty things towards other people, myself and spreading complete lies.Luckily I was made aware of this hacking by a friend, to then find that a code had been sent to my phone with the security number to log into my blog.This also meant that they got the password for this but were unable to get in without the phone code.I'm happy I added this extra security feature to my blog just a WEEK before this happened, or they could of completely jeopardised it.Since then I've been in contact with twitter to see if a location of the hack could be located as I know Facebook do this.I've also added extra security measures to protect my blogging and other social media accounts too.This of course left me in quite a state, causing my anxiety and stress levels to raise a bit.Its only now that I've been able to begin getting everything back on track and being able to post again, because I've only been posting on Instagram in the past week.Saying that I have some amazing upcoming projects for you, including more from Chi Chi London, VitaStik, Sugar Bear Vitamins and many more!

Anyway onto something more inspiring now that I'd like to share with you all.My friend Joe (which happened to be the one to warn me about that twitter incident and is totally awesome), helped make this documentary called Dream The Impossible.You guys know I'm really picky when it comes to documentaries and tend to avoid them, BUT whilst watching this trailer it gave me complete goosebumps.With the trailer only lasting just over 2minutes, I was completely blown away and wanted to watch more!I've provided the link below to the trailer for you so you can see (and feel) for yourselves, so you can understand the goospebumps it gives you throughout, all the way until the end.The film will premier at The Curzon Cinema (soho) on the 5th May 2016.Trailer here

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