Monday, 25 April 2016

Chi Chi London-Leia Dress

Last month I showed you the gorgeous Veronika Dress (click here to view) by Chi Chi London, so I was really excited when I received this beautiful Leia Dress.Like I mentioned in that post, I normally go for darker colours when it comes to dresses, so anything light like this dress was new to me.Taking it out of the packaging, I was instantly in love with it and had to try it on straight away.I'm normally a size 10 due to my small waist, but decided to go up a size just so that my boobs were able to fit in comfortably and not looking squashed.Not wanting to take the attention away from the dress, I kept my makeup simple, wearing just foundation, mascara and lip balm.Trying out simple hairstyles, I decided a bun looked best which again is new to me when wearing something this beautiful as I'm always hiding my face behind my hair.Not having a wide range of evening shoes, I found my white heels went well with this dress, again not taking the attention away from it, keeping it very elegant, yet simple and chic too.
These sparklies are my favourite that go well with the dress, but not wearing all three at once as that would be too excessive.My favourite item out of the three, has to be the blue heart ring, because it compliments the dress even more and is pretty much the same colour.The clear ring with the necklace can both be worn at the same time, but even just the one really compliments the dress.As for a purse to carry all your little components, I found this bag by Chi Chi London that will also match perfectly with the dress too.
The bag colour is classed as mint, but in my opinion its the closest colour to match this dress.It has a beautiful lace floral design on the front, finished with a beautiful glass pearl on the top.The dress can be purchased here and the Perrie bag here.

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