Friday, 4 March 2016

Pretty Little Things

I can't help myself when it comes to pretty things, even more so when its at a low price.With Mothers Day just a few days away, lots of new and exclusive items have been popping up, making it very difficult on what to purchase for my mum, and myself on the sneaky side.Whilst browsing Asos, I found this "Bonjour" eye mask, and I love anything that is related to France and I love the french men too!Where I'm working so much, its very hard for me to able to get an hour to myself, even if its just to relax or for some tlc.The band strap is a lovely dark navy, that fits around my huge hair perfectly.Its currently priced at £9.95, which isn't too bad, but your better meeting the minimum £20 for free delivery.Can be purchased here 
I've been searching for a nude/pink lipstick for sometime, and I've never found that suited my skintone at all.I purchased MUA's Velvet Lip Lacquer in the shade Reckless (red) last week, and its become one of my favourite matte lipsticks.Its a great dupe for Lime Crimes Red Velvet, costing only £3.The colour lasts the whole day, with no bleeding or fading, despite eating greasy food (like pizza!).I picked up the shade Tranquillity today, and to my amazement, it actually suits me and I'm very happy with it.The formula for Tranquillity dried out my lips a bit, so I'd recommend applying balm beforehand.Great dupe for MAC's Velvet Teddy and can be purchased here
My last purchase was on the gorgeous light blue heart stone ring, which only cost me £1.28 with free shipping.When it comes to purchasing jewellery, 99% of the time I order from China, as you can get good quality items for a very cheap price.Having a huge collection of rings already, I really did not need to order another one, but as soon as I saw this ring, I had to have it.I've always been fussy when ordering rings with blue or green gemstones, because in person the stone wouldn't look as nice as the image.This ring however is exactly like the images provided on the website, and is more pretty in person.It took just about 2weeks to be delivered, which is very quick and it came with free tracking as well.I ordered directly from this seller here
Out of all the little purchases, the mua tranquillity lipstick is my favourite, and can be worn literally with anything.I'm hoping to get more of the shades, but they seem to sell out so fast its hard to get a swatch post up for them all.If I am able to get them all, I'll post the link here to the swatch post :)

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