Tuesday, 29 March 2016

MUA LUXE Lip Lacquers

I'm addicted to matte lipsticks and are always the first products I purchase from makeup brands.Following the positive results I got from using MUA'S LUXE in the shades Tranquility and Reckless (post here), I wanted to try out the other shades that they had too.From top to bottom: Halcyon, Harmony, Tranquility, Dash, and Reckless.

The frosted packaging these lipsticks come in, I completely love and put the more expensive brands *cough Limecrime cough* to shame.These are classed as "Long-wear matte finish" and for the price of only £3, I was ready to be disappointed at the time.As I always do, apply a small amount of lipbalm before applying these or any type of matte lipstick so your lips aren't left dry or start peeling.It comes with a wand to apply to the lips, which I'm not a huge fan of only because I suck at applying with wands, with it 99% of the time drying wonky which of course is my fault.Below I've swatched in the order of Halcyon, Harmony, Tranquility, Dash, and Reckless.
They are all extremely well pigmented and glide on very easily apart from Harmony (second from the left), which kept transferring with the wand, not a nice look to have on the lips.Dash (second from the right), I had an reaction too.I did contact MUA about this, but they have based this on me possibly being allergic to one of the ingredients.I haven't tried Dash since, however this won't stop me from purchasing more shades.They lasted the whole day, despite drinking and eating pizza, these do not transfer at all or bleed.The scent smells a lot like there other lipsticks products, like a fruity smell that isn't too sickening at all.I haven't got any negatives to say about these lacquers, apart from the comment I mentioned about Harmony above, but other than that, these are a great alternative to more expensive brands.Can be purchased from Superdrug and MUA Store

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