Wednesday, 2 March 2016

First Macbook & L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil (Original)

As some of my friends have recently told me "I've gone to the darkside" by purchasing a Mac,  but are they really worth the money or have I become an Apple sheep?I've been a Windows user all of my life, and have had a rough total of 8PC'S,Laptops & Netbooks.My most recent two before switching is a HP Pavilion, which is still running pretty good after 6years, has become my gaming laptop, and my Acer All In One Desktop is currently up for sale, just under a year, because I missed the freedom of being able to carry around a device.I've been eying a Mac for a very longtime, and it wasn't down to because I'm an Apple sheep or anything like that, its because its one of the most highly recommend devices for bloggers, who are on the go constantly, easy access to video/photo editing and basically something very simple to use.I was very close to purchasing another HP, as PC World have some great deals on there laptops ranging from £299-£499 for an 8GB RAM and 1-2TB Hard Drive.

After some thought and consideration, I decided to purchase my dream device which was the MacBook Pro with Retina Display (2015).Mine comes with the standard 8GB RAM and 128GB Flash Storage.I know this month, Apple are unveiling something, and it could be possible its a new Macbook, but I'm in no need for having the latest device and I got it on a pretty good deal too.Now the one thing with any Apple product, is that they are incredibly expensive, and I struggle with just parting with £6 for a bottle of face cream, so parting with £999 left me feeling quite bad afterwards.The deal I got was from John Lewis which came with an extended 3year Warranty for free, which from what I've read online Mac's hardly ever tend to need repairs, but with my luck and it being my first one, I wanted to be on the safe side.PC World & Currys currently have an offer with the normal 1year Warranty with £50 off all Macs.
I've had this a week today and I'm glad to say it I'm very happy with it.Its incredibly fast and does everything that I need it to do, without it crashing or anything.Its very lightweight, making it easy to carry around and the silver sleek design is lovely.The retina display makes everything look so different and detailed, however it took me at least 2days to get used to the screen because it was giving me quite a headache having to adjust to it.Its prone to getting fingerprints, so I'll be getting a case to stop that and my cats from sitting on it, but other than that, well worth the price tag!
Yep, its another L'Oreal product added to my collection, and after hearing such positive reviews on their Mythic Oil, I decided to purchase the original which L'Oreal have recently started releasing again.It arrived this morning in a white and golden box, with a orangey/golden bottle inside.So far I've only tried a little bit on my hair, due to already styling it this morning as I wasn't expecting it to be delivered today.Its left my hair very soft, with some shine and smells amazing.I feel this would work better once I've done my actual hair routine and maybe combine it with a curl cream to define and moisture my curls.I think it would also work great for when I straighten my hair to give it that extra shine so cannot wait to be using this over the next couple of weeks.Once the full review is available, I will post it here :) 

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