Thursday, 4 February 2016

Valentines Gifts For Him & Her

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and although its a lovely day to spend that little extra time and gifts on loved ones, it can also be one of the most stressful days too, especially the build up to it.With so many gift options to choose from, it can get a little frustrating, so I've done some gifts that I've found on the internet, that are not only things that I like, but would also make great gifts.Some are more expensive than others that are worth every penny, but I also have some cheap little gifts alternatives too, or you can go full out and buy the most expensive, it depends on what your looking for.I hope you like it and helps you find what you need for that special person.Extra things that I come across will be added to this post.I'd also like to mention all products mentioned in this post are all down to me finding them online and I'm not being paid to sponsor any of them.Due to this post being quite long, it is recommended to be viewed on a computer or switch to desktop view :)

1. Doctor Who Ring's
Being a huge Doctor Who fan myself, I fell in love with these rings and I'm sure you will too once I've explained a little more about them.Firstly these rings are Tungsten, which means they are virtually scratchproof and hardly take any damage to them at all, so if your someone that drops there rings a lot this will not be an issue.Secondly, these come as a set of three which are:
  • Men's ring
  • 925 Sterling Silver Ring
  • Promise Ring
The promise ring has engraved "Together Forever Through Time And Space" or you can get a free engraving of your choice on this ring and the mens with up to 30 characters to personalise it for yourselves.These rings are price roughly around £105 for the three of them(£25+ separately) which may seem like a lot for rings, but considering they have great quality, designed for Doctor Who lovers and you get a set of three, it really is worth it and would make a fantastic gift!These can be purchased from Etsy

2.Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (UK Release Date 19/02/2016)
I always get excited when there is a new Pokemon game due to come out, and with the new one coming out a few days after valentines day, its perfect for that extra surprise gift, unless your single purchase it yourself.If you haven't played any of the mystery dungeon games, I'd highly recommend them for being different from the other Pokemon games, with good/fun storylines and playing co-op mode with friends.The fact you become a Pokemon I find is pretty cool and bases which one you'll be on your "personality"The game is currently retailing at £27.99 at Game and Amazon

3.Beard Mug
I stumbled across this mug completely by accident, and ended up ordering one for a friend too!Beards have been a huge thing in the past year, and finding gifts for my male friends with beards was always difficult to come across and now I've found it so quickly.This mug retails at only £5 and can be purchased from John Lewis.You have the choice of either paying £3.50 for it to be delivered at your choice of address (within 5working days) or £2 to be delivered to your selected John Lewis/Waitrose Store(Order before 2pm for next day delivery in-store).

ASOS also have a Beard Mug for £5 which can be found here

4.Look Fantastic Beauty Box
I know the struggle when it comes to choosing what makeup, skincare, haircare, you name it, to get your partner, and it can get so frustrating when you don't know what to get them,  and that's where beauty boxes come in.These lovely little boxes are filled with random beauty products making them unique, coming in a lovely valentines box as shown above and is only priced at £15 from Look Fantastic.If you fancy treating them a little bit extra special, they also have a pre paid monthly subscription service which works out cheaper in the long run.For example they have a 3month beauty box plan, that retails at £13.33, saving you £5.

5.Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Rose
Rose's are the most popular gift given for valentines day, so if your looking to get something a bit different than the usual rose, this handmade one could be the perfect gift.This rose makes an appearance in Beauty & The Beast or Once Upon A Time (Belle), and its great to see that someone has made this themselves, selling at £24.99.This is the cheapest that I've stumbled across whilst also seeing positive feedback on this item and the seller.You can also get one that lights up around the stem for an extra £10 if you want to make it that extra bit special.The design of this item would be extra perfect for a Disney and Once Upon A Time fan too, but will also work to bring anyone a smile on their face.The rose can be purchased here

This has to be my favourite box ever and will make a perfect gift.Lootcrate widely attracts different types of peoples interests, but mainly attracts gamers and collectors.They stock so many different items and the gear that they stock is amazing for great prices.The theme for February is currently Deadpool, The Walking Dead and Harry Potter.The box has up to $45 (£30) worth of items, selling for about £18 including delivery to the UK.These items are completely random, so you don't know what your going to get in your box, however it is guaranteed a shirt will be in every box.You can purchase Lootcrates from previous months (depending on stock) too if you see a theme that is more suited for your needs.Another option they offer is called "Level Up", which you can customise your order and can include items such as clothing and accessories.All the information on there subscriptions and boxes can be found here

Remember that review I done a few weeks ago on Superpeach?(click here for a quick reminder)Not only do I recommend their lingerie, but they are also doing a giveaway over on their instagram AND free gift wrapping on 3pairs or more!.These are my favourite undies ever (Jennifer), because I just love the design and they're so so comfortable!.These are perfect to surprise your loved one in if your not feeling too comfortable in wearing anything naughty, or there are some other designs too with a see through back that you may prefer?Their full range can be found here

Michael Kor's watches are highly popular, especially when it comes to getting one for a gift.I've only owned one Michael Kors watch in my life, given to me as a gift, and these Parker Watches are one of the most popular.These watches normally retail around £229-£279 in the UK, but if you use the code "VCEJUK25" on Ernest Jones, you get £25 off, retailing for £204!(Expires 29th Feb 2016)

If your not looking to spend that much which is completely understandable, look at these cheap alteratives like this watch for example, retailing for £25 at ASOS.They also have a great range of mens watches too, with this one also retailing for £25 at ASOS

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