Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Vampire Diaries: Katherine's Necklace & Damon Ring

Yes,I'm going through that Vampire Diaries phase again, where I start to binge watch on Netflix and feel the need to purchase more items from the franchise.Katherine Pierce is one of my favourite characters, not because she can be a outright bitch, but her sass and fashion is always on point, because lets be honest, Nina Dobrev is ridiculously pretty and I wouldn't pick another actress to play her so well.I purchased one of her necklaces last year while it was on sale for around 57p, which quality wise I wasn't fussed about, but the amount of positive feedback I saw on this item made me want it more.
Whilst ordering that, I decided to order another Damon ring, because the first one that I received wasn't as good, and decided to try with another seller who used a different blue stone, and the feedback was far better.
This is a up close image of them both, and although I don't go out with the Damon ring as much, the necklace I can happily wear, especially with an "off the shoulder" type top.The necklace is pretty accurate to Katherine's and the chain hasn't even turned colour yet, and I've worn it so many times.The Damon ring, has to be my favourite though, because again it is pretty much accurate to the original and only cost me 62p.The details on the front of the ring are done very well, with the "D" engraved perfectly.Both of these items I purchased from Aliexpress which is mainly based in China, but do not let this put you off.So far, I've not had an issue with any sellers on this website, and when an item has gone missing in the post, I've received a full refund.Items are estimated that they can take up to 4weeks or longer to deliver the UK, however I received mine within 2weeks.Before placing an order, always check the feedback of the item (better if customers provide photo's), the seller/store's rating and how long they have been in trading. With these main points you're more likely to have a positive experience :)
Katherine Pierce's necklace can be purchased here

The Damon Salvatore ring can be purchased here

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