Monday, 22 February 2016


I've been eying a Lootcrate for so long making my game senses tingle every time they would post their monthly themes.The theme for this month is "DEAD" featuring The Walking Dead and Deadpool, two of my favourite franchises.They also had a £3 discount code, totalling at £18.92 including delivery from the US which is an absolute bargain.I received my dispatch email, along with detailed tracking of my parcel and took 3working days to get here, which is pretty quick.
I'm so happy with my first Lootcrate and depending on what the theme is for the next one, I will definitely be ordering more from there range.Mine came with: The Walking Dead Soap Ears, The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Figurine, Deadpool T-Shirt, Deadpool Figurine, Lootpin and Lootcrate Dead Booklet.I love everything that came in this box, mainly favouring the Dealpool shirt and the figurine.I've provided some images to this post of my favourite goodies as mentioned above that was in this awesome crate, and added thoughts of what I think of them quality wise.
I found it quite amusing too on how accurate the figurine Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln was and the big bobblehead they decided to give him as well.It was fairly easy to put him together, apart from having a few humorous moments where his arms kept falling him off making him "armless".Although I'm grateful for this little guy, I decided to give him to my dad as he loves The Walking Dead way more than me, and he was pretty happy when he came home to find this fella sitting on his laptop.This has also set us both off to collect the rest of the characters which I will not stop for nothing until I get them all, just like my Pokemon collection, so thanks Lootcrate for my latest addiction.As mentioned earlier, the t-shirt is honestly one of my favourite items too that I'd received from this box, and I'm already proudly wearing it.The sizing online wasn't that helpful with measurements so made a guess for a size medium and it fits me perfectly.The quality of the top is pretty good,none of that cheap rip off/material stuff, so will be a shirt I'm going to be wearing a lot, even if I get the odd weird glare.

Lootcrate have made my week and cannot wait to see whats going to be in their march theme.I'm also tempted to order some more stuff from their "level up" range, but honestly cannot decide on what because I want everything!.Considering this was my first box ever, I'm really impressed and they have another Lootcrate fanatic.That's all I have to say about this months Lootcrate and let me know what goodies you got in your box :)

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