Friday, 26 February 2016

Etsy GoodTeesLondon

My food diet has been awful lately, ordering takeaways and eating fast food, slowly gaining more and more weight (eek!).I've been looking for a pizza shirt for a while because I love pizza way too much, and nothing shows the love for pizza more than getting an item of clothing showing that.It took me sometime to find a top that not only I liked for the design but was available in different colours and for a good price.I am across the store GoodTeesLondon on Etsy, and all the boxes were ticked on what I was looking for.The top is originally a normal sized t-shirt, and they offer a service to customise your shirt to suit your needs, which in my case I asked if it could be possible to crop with enough space underneath.At first I wasn't expecting them to do this, because I paid for my item then asked them to do it afterwards, so thought it was too late for my request to go through which is understandable for them to not do it, however it turned up today with it just the way I wanted, I'm so happy!
Its recommended to go a size up from what you normally are, so I ordered a size L and it fits me (and my boobs) perfectly.The quality of the top is perfect with the writing printed very clearly, and its incredibly soft to wear.The total for this top including delivery is £11.49 (at the time of posting this), which is a great price and having the choice of other colours too, helps if you want to match it with a certain colour of jeans or as loungewear for example.They have a huge range of t-shirts on there store for really good prices and I'd highly recommend them as a business.

The top can be purchased here & The main Etsy can be found here

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