Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Responding to all Anxiety/Mental Health Emails today :)

I've taken the day off from the blogging world which I could of spent pampering myself up, but you all know I don't work like that and you come first.Today I'll be responding to all emails that were sent to me, whether if it was a month ago (I'm so sorry if its been that long) or sending one over today, I will try my best to get round to each and everyone of you!

Although all emails are welcome, I'm mainly focusing on those who are suffering from Anxiety,Depression & Agoraphobia or any negative feeling you have going on, opposed to the normal chit chat that I normally have.I will get round to responding to you also, it might just take a while due to the high volume of emails I receive on a daily basis.Do not worry how long or even how short your email will be, I will read through the whole thing and help you the best way that I can.I also want to mention, that I am in no way trained in these areas, but have experienced them and all emails will be strictly confidential.Please share my email below if you think it will benefit someone that you know.

If you are a friend of someone who is suffering from Anxiety/Agoraphobia please click here

Looking forward to helping you the best I can, and remember stay strong! :) xx

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