Thursday, 21 January 2016

Hair Product Review's: Whats Coming:

Past few days have been insane, especially with the huge support of my Superpeach post and the lovely emails that I've been getting from you all too!This was me this morning, after 20mins of laying in bed to wake up (I struggle so hard to get up in the morning), and reading through some of your emails, I woke up with such a smile this morning!Also my hair in this photo is linked to some products that I'm currently reviewing, alongside some others to come in the next few weeks.

I'm sure some of you have heard of the brand Redken, with there curly hair range "Curvaceous".I've been using their Ringlet cream for the past few months which has been good for my hair,but no "wow" factor.After doing some more research, a lot of the reviews stated that the cream worked best alongside the conditioner, so I purchased this while on sale for £9.22 from feelunique.I washed my hair on Tuesday (now thursday) with my usual Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo, then the Redken Curvaceous Conditioner, finished with the Redken Ringlet Cream.My curls were poppin, moisturised and were so shiny, so this method with the conditioner did work, but I am now on my SECOND day hair which is the image above and my curls are still really healthy!No water, extra cream, anti-frizz, nothing, my hair has stayed healthy!So right now things are looking good for the Redken review, but I still have another week to test until I release the full review.

Next up I'll be reviewing the new L'Orèal Studio Pro Ultra Smoothing Cream.I haven't received this just yet to give you an opinion on this, however after reading what it states and being a L'Orèal fan,This product is mostly a heat protectant to protect the hair from heat damage, help with making the hair more straight whilst styling and leaving a smooth finish.This product is also a cream, which I'm a bit worried about, because cream hair protectants on curly hair is a no no!But who knows?It might work!

Lastly, I'll be doing a review on Mazuri, focusing on two products from their Shea Butter range, which are the "Leave In Oil Moisturiser" and the "Curl Awakening Custard Styling Pudding".I received these just under two weeks ago, and so far the Oil Moisturiser has been my favourite.It promotes so many positive things like hydrating the hair, promotes hair growth, protein balanced and works great for dry hair too.I can't comment at this moment on the hair growth, as its still quite early, but everything else I've mentioned my hair absolutely loves it and my hair is getting just the right protein too.As for the Custard, my hair hasn't taken to it just yet and I will be trying other methods/routines to see if my hair will work with it or not.They both smell amazing and are free of Paraben's!

That's to come on the hair product side of things over the next few weeks and I will be doing more posts on fashion and skincare in the near future, especially since the weather has started to brighten up a bit more here.Again, I'd like to thank you for the amazing support and cannot wait to bring you some more reviews :)

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