Monday 25 January 2016

Hair Growth Update & My Current Routine

This was the last time I was using Jamaican Black Castor Oil, styling my hair up in a bun during the hot warm weather to keep it moisturised. Despite the great hair growth improvements and the health of my hair, I decided to stop purchasing as it started to get way to expensive and could be quite a hassle to maintain too.At that time I was looking at all the products that I purchased myself, and decided to narrow it down to a few because I wasn't ready to get rid of a whole lot at the time.My hair was gradually growing, but it still was going very slow and so again after a month, I reviewed my products again, and now there is only a few that I only use and the hair growth has been amazing. (Growth photo at the end)

My two shampoo's which are Tresemme Deep Cleansing and Tresemme Moisture Rich Luxurious Shampoo.These are the best two shampoo's, I have ever purchased, one because they clean my scalp without leaving it dry , two leaving it moisturised and three, you can purchase a 900ml for around £2.50.

The conditioners I own are a mixture of two of what I've purchased and what I've been sent to review in the past.Depending on how my hair is for that week, results on what conditioner and deep conditioner that I use for it.I now only deep condtion my hair once a week instead of 2-3 times as my hair was getting more damaged.This was mainly caused by the amount of intake of water my hair was taking and also the amount of protein in my hair too.I was aware my hair had too much protein by doing the porosity test, and the amount of products that I own, have a high amount of protein, so I had to reduce this, which stopped my hair from having too much and causing breakage.

My hair started to get more healthy, however it still wasn't enough because some of my ends were slightly damaged or on the verge of snapping off.I used to trim my hair when my hair was straightened to see the length and to find any dead ends, but once I learnt how to trim my own curls, it worked a lot better for me.Every 1-3months I would trim my hair, at the beginning it would be a lot and now I hardly have trim any.This is my hair taken in October 2015, using the Mixed Roots Curl Control Lotion to define my curls after trimming the ends off.This curl lotion is hands down in my top 3 for defining and moisturising my curls.

Since then I've been testing/reviewing hair products and tools, and although some of them work great on my hair, some just don't sit right with my hair, eventually taking its toll on it, leaving it frizzy and matted.I used the Wetbrush for a while which worked great, but then the Denman Brush started to go around and I thought "why not?".The reviews were right on this, and it has replaced my Wetbrush which I thought was never going to be replaced.I'm now able to brush my hair without it puffing up, it detangles great and helps define my curls even more.The detangling is my favourite with this, because it is zero hassle at all, and its actually enjoyable being able to brush your curly hair without it frizzing or any pain.

My hair was now in such a better condition but again something was missing for me.I needed to order myself a new conditioner as I was starting to run out and I was also lacking an oil which is good for all hair types.A few weeks ago I mentioned about purchasing a new Coconut Oil, wanting to try again as the only coconut oil that really worked for me was Garnier and Superdrug's own range.This is 100% Coconut Oil and can be used for a number of things like cooking, haircare and skincare.The dramatic improvement from the other two brands is insane, and won't be touching them again either, especially as they had a lot of chemicals and perfumes in them too.The second product that I purchased was Redken Curvacous Conditioner, which I've only had just over a week.First time using this it worked great, but I wanted to try it alongside the coconut oil.I cowashed my hair then applied the oil all over my hair, mainly focusing on the ends as these tend to dry first.
The image on the right is the result of my hair after 45minutes of air drying, compared to what my hair looked like 6months ago.Both of these are my natural hair shades, with the left being my hair in the summer where it tends to get lighter on the blonde and ginger side, compared to it going dark during the winter.Its not noticable due to the angle, but my hair is a lot thicker and stronger to what it used to be since reduced the protein intake like I mentioned earlier in the post.I do have different hair legnths, as my hair tends to grow a lot faster at the back compared to the sides, but this is evenly sorted once I split them on either sides.At this moment, I'm very happy with the results and how far my hair has come, since it only used to grow above shoulder length.Below I've added all the products I've mentioned in the post with current discounts and links provided above are the reviews I've done myself :)

Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Tresemme Moisture Rich Luxurious Shampoo
Mixed Roots Curl Control Lotion
Denman Brush D31 Brush
Redken Curvaceous Conditioner
Coconut Merchant Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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