Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Dangerous Dogs:Stop Shaming Breeds!

Being a huge animal lover, it angers and upsets me when the media feel the need to choose and bash a certain breed, making people oblivious to the love these dogs could actually give you.At a very young age, my aunties German Shepard went for me, leaving me scared to have any interaction up close with dogs but still had German Shepard's as my favourite type of dog. Throughout my teens I still wasn't comfortable with dogs, until my boyfriend at the time owned a Jack Russel Cross who I adored, and made me open up towards dogs again.

My Dangerous Breed Story:
We got Black Labrador puppy who seemed to be living in horrible living conditions upon meeting her and knew this could potentially leave some form of a traumatic affect on her.In her first few months, we began to realize that she wasn't "full" lab, and her facial structure began to show more of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.With the press constantly bashing staffies, I did have an extreme negative outlook on this breed, but once (at the time) thought she was cross staff, I had no worry what so ever as she was the complete opposite of what the media would portray her as.I then began joining Staffy groups to get a more understanding of this breed and seeing all positive posts of how great this breed actually is.

Once she was a year old, we started seeing body changes again and it was confirmed that she was in fact cross Rottweiler.This breed has also been negatively shamed in the media, and all I knew about this breed was how "supposedly" dangerous it was.I joined groups again to gain some positive knowledge and more understanding on Rottweilers.Roxi at the time was suffering severely from separation anxiety, and although it can happen to all dogs, it was fairly common in Rottweilers, due to being very protective of their owners.With Roxi being a Lab cross Rottie, she has the "supposedly" attributes to both breeds, however we don't base her on with one breed without the other, as she balances them out also, personality and look wise.Below I've listed some of the comments the media have published about Rottweilers.(info taken from The Sun, Daily Mail)

- Aggressive towards people and animals
- Not friendly
- More likely to bite than any other breed
- Not good with children
- Shouldn't interact with smaller dogs
- No patience
- Main story of how this breed is dangerous etc

- Warning growl or bark to tell us someone is in our private garden
- Friendly towards everyone, wanting to lick them to death
- Nips only when shes extremely excited and has never drawn blood
- Loves children and is more likely to pinch the cookie your holding when your not looking (true story)
- Interacts and plays with smaller dogs that are comforable with her size
- Very patient, however her separation anxiety can have an affect on this sometimes
- Protective of everyone in the house (story below)

Roxi is extremely protective of everyone in the house, including the two cats that we own too.Their have been incidents where stray cats would wander in the garden, and she would bark making them leave which does help, so she doesn't eat there poop or we have to clean it up, but would never actually go to attack or chase them out. Since she's been a pup, she's been highly intelligent leaving us laughing when really she should be getting a telling off.We have a rule with her not to jump up unless given permission because nothing is more uncomfortable having a huge tank of a dog jump on you.This one incident which happens in every household is family arguments.Where I'm upstairs on Xbox or blogging most of the time, I hardly hear what is going on downstairs, until Roxi walks into my room or heads the door letting me know something is up.Dogs hate shouting, some hiding away, mindlessly sitting there until it passes, or aggressively, they all react different.Roxi would jump in between them in an attempt to stop the arguing which in fact it would because they could see it was distressing her and others in the house too.

Another incident was when she knocked me over in the garden by accident causing me to hurt my ankle.She came over instantly to see if I was alright and where I was grabbing my foot she tried to lick it as she knew it was upsetting me.Telling her to go get mum a few times, she ran off towards the conservatory door, looked back at me to see if I was ok and ran in.I was able to hobble back to the kitchen to find my mum there telling me Roxi was whining and causing a scene so came out to see what was bothering her.Showing my bruised ankle, we were both amazed on how well she handled on getting my mums attention and letting her know something was wrong.

I chose those two stories as examples to counter to what has been said about Rottweilers.The first one was all about aggression.Its mentioned on most articles that these dogs are aggressive, and are more likely to attack if there is shouting going on or even the smallest threat to them.Not once has she been aggressive towards us and including one of the cats who tends to taunt her most days.Despite one of the cats clawing her head a few times, she still wants to be friends which is sweet yet sad, because she practically wants to be friends with everyone.The second story was how fast she reacted and proves how much she actually cares.This breed is made to seem like it just cares about itself and not its owners, but she has proved numerous times that she does and always wants to cheer you up, whether thats showering you with kisses or cuddles up to you and won't leave.

I felt like I had a genuine reason to be scared of dogs at the time due to what happened in my childhood and that it clouded my judgement, however people need to realise that all breeds could be potentially dangerous.When I used to go out with my parents walking Roxi and people would ask what breed she was, replying "Labrador" they felt extremely at ease, petting her and even allowing their kids too as well, but now when we mention Labrador cross Rottweiler , more end up backing off.Their are a few stories of Labradors attacking there owners, yet the media choose's to not share this, because other breeds (like these two) are more likely to get attention and backlash on the comment section, making it a bigger story than it is.

This post was to give a positive experience about my dog and although she may not be the "full" breed, she still has Rottweiler attributes.There is nothing dangerous or negative that I can say about her.People need to realise that its either the owners that cause these dogs to harm or certain psychological disorders.

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