Thursday, 28 January 2016

Ann Summers: Preview

This week wasn't going so well, and my mood was on the line of biting everyone's heads off.To my surprise, I received a tweet from Ann Summers, saying that I'd won there competition."What?I've won?Did they really pick me?"I always feel like I'm gonna get a message saying "no sorry wrong person" or that I'm dreaming but once I got a response via messages confirming, I started dancing around the house to Grease music.I'd always enter myself in little giveaways via twitter because you never really know if you will win something.So the prize was £100 worth of lingerie so I thought it was gonna be a random box sent to me in my sizes of stuff.It got even better when they told me I could pick whatever I wanted as long as it was up to £100, and they will send it out right away once I sent over what I wanted.It took me a few hours of choosing what I'd like, even though I mentioned to them could I have until the next day to choose, the over excitement just got to me.In total I spent just under the £100 and it was delivered today (1working day) which is very good because I wasn't expecting it to get here until Friday/Saturday.So do you wanna see what I ordered?
I love everything that I chose from there website, especially the Serena Robe because it is absolutely beautiful and the design is so elegant.I haven't had the chance to try on everything yet apart from the robe and the "Boobs" sleepwear, which are very comfortable and are true to size.I will be doing a full post on this in the future, whether that is me wearing everything or detailed photo's of the lingerie, but so far without even wearing them, I'm very happy and cannot wait to try them all on.Ann Summers currently have 30% off on there lingerie (selected lines) while also other deals too, so grab something while you can.Maybe go for the Blair Dress instead?

UPDATE: 29/01/2016
It's been less than 24hours, and I couldn't help but try everything on this morning.As mentioned yesterday, I loved everything even before wearing it, but now (while writing this) I'm wearing the Bella Boudoir bra (pink/black) and "I Love You With All My Boobs" Pyjama's.The Bella bra is now my favourite alongside the boost plunge bra's too, for many positive reasons.The design of this bra is lovely, with the eyelash trims along the front stitched perfectly, alongide the bows in the middle and on either side of the straps.It does come with small padding, but doesn't actually add much size to your boobs.
I ordered this in the size 34DD instead of my usual 32DD-32E, just to be safe and it is such a perfect fit.The comfort of this bra is unreal, and is so soft to touch as well, nor is it digging in anywhere either.My next positive is always something I'm looking for when it comes to bra's, especially since I've been let down by so many in the past, and that's the hold.I last weighed my boobs about 6-8months ago with each of them weighing around 3-4lb each.Since then, they've grown so I haven't even gone near the thought of weighing them, because it did make me feel a bit crappy that I was unable to walk around the house with no bra and the pain would be horrible.This bra holds them so well, and its so comfortable too, I could probably sleep in it, but that's probably not the best idea as they recommend to not sleep in a bra.
I've only been wearing this bra roughly for 7hours, and the straps have not loosened at all and I haven't felt the need to rearrange it either.They've surprisingly stayed in place with nothing escaping in the slightest too.So far,I'm very happy with this bra and cannot wait to see if it lives up to these expectations over the next few weeks
Bella Boudoir (Pink/Black)

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