Thursday, 31 December 2015

My little end of 2015 bargains

Christmas is nearly over and like most people, I've been jumping from shop to shop online to bag myself a bargain.When it comes to family or friends buying me presents that come in a form of clothes, makeup or games, I always tell them to wait until the sales start because they would be saving themselves a lot of money and of course being able to spend it on themselves too.Below I've listed some items that I have purchased myself that are either a great price, quality is amazing and on how well the store handled my order :)
I wanted to start on this dress first because you can get it for a complete bargain and is perfect for a going out dress.So a little backstory on this dress.I first saw it on Instagram with UK fashion Boutique sellers charging around £30-£40, which put me right off.While browsing the Aliexpress (which I've been a huge fan in the past year) I stumbled across the exact same dress, retailing at £14, reduced from £22 which is a massive difference compared to what these UK sellers are charging.
The dress took just under two weeks to arrive from China with Royal Mail tracking and is exactly the same dress that I saw on those instagram photo's, I honestly couldn't believe it.Now there are a few things I wanted to mention about this dress:
1.Its a very tight fitted dress.I have quite a big bust and a bit of a bum and went up a size.This dress flatters my figure perfectly and is surprisingly quite snug.
2. I'm just under 5"10 and although this dress stretches, it is quite short, especially when "leaning over" for something.
3.Despite these photo's being taken on an iPhone 4S (yes 4S) at the time, the studded details of this dress is stunning and is not blingy in the slightest
4.This dress is also available in white
Purchase Here

Next up is this playsuit which was in the first image of this post.During the sales, I tend to also shop for the spring/summer season in advance, to save myself some money.I picked up this floral playsuit for £4.50 which was reduced from £14.99 from Select Fashion.I've ordered from Select Fashion before, with there sizes always being accurate and the delivery being incredibly fast.For the cheap prices on a number of there items, the quality is good and they have a range of different items across there website.Select Fashion currently have up to 70% off on there website.Main homepage can be found here

Some of us cannot get enough of shoes, in my case I'm not a huge fan of unless they have a unique style and not too expensive.While browsing New Look last week, I came cross these military style boots on sale for £15, being reduced from £30.My other pair of boots that I own are also from New Look, which have lasted me for a very long time with still no scruffs and they are very comfortable to wear.These are also very comfortable to wear, considering I have to order 1-2 sizes down from my normal shoe size for them to fit perfect.New Look currently have up to 70% off instore and online. Here is the link for the boots
I've been raving about Coconut Oil for such a long time and after picking this up, it made me realise that the other one's I'd got in the past don't even come near on how good this one is.I picked this up during Holland & Barretts online sale which at the time included free delivery.For this 300ml jar, it cost me only £5.95 which is an absoloute bargain.Firstly what I love about this, is that its 100% made from Coconuts, and there is nothing else added to it at all.These are some of the benefits I've found with this oil:
1.Can be used for frying,cooking and baking
2.Can be used on the hair and skin
3.Smells absolutely amazing
4.Melts on the skin very easily (compared to Superdrugs own coconut oil)
5.For an 300ml jar, you really don't need to use a lot and will last a long time

This has replaced my other coconut oils I owned, as mentioned above. nothing comes close to how good this one is.While my hair was straight during the Christmas period, I applied some of this to my hair, and it soaked it up instantly, leaving it more soft and moisturised.Its become an essential to my skincare routine too, mainly being used after removing makeup before sleep or on days that my skin needs some tlc.While writing this, Holland & Barrett still have this one sale, alongside there "Buy One Get One For A Penny" plus free delivery over £10.This oil is stocked in 300ml, 500ml, and 1litre Jars which you can purchase here.

Thats the end of my little 2015 bargains.I hope you all have a lovely evening whether that is spending new years at home or out with friends and wish you all a Happy New Year! xxxx

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