Sunday, 8 November 2015

Remington Switch & Protect-NEWS!

I have some exciting news to announce and also some great reviews which will be updated weekly for you!A few months ago I applied for a blogger assignment with Remington, which consists of reviewing there latest products from the "protect" range.I was lucky enough to of been chosen by them, and couldn't thank Remington enough and also you guys too, because I would of never of achieved this, if it wasn't for your support! :) I'll be receiving the straightener as shown in the above photo and also their hair dryer, which I cannot wait to get my hands on because I've heard so many positive reviews about it, its got me even more excited.Over the next couple of weeks I'll be swapping my Remington Keratin Therapy straighteners and Lee Stafford hair dryer to review these, whilst giving photo updates on my hair too.
The last time I applied heat to my hair was back in June, and my hair was straightened using the Remington Keratin Therapy for the first time instead of my GHD's, and I was converted.I've also used Remington Waves in the past, where it would not only produce great waves, but also the shine my hair gave off afterwards.What has me the most excited about this range is that its designed to deliver less damage to the hair, whilst also nourishing and leaving the hair shiny.Remington have nailed the results I want every time, and worth every penny I've paid for their products so far.Once the first post is available the link will be posted here :)

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