Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Exercise & Food Regime (are your boobs real?)

Since I posted my Body shame post, I've been getting tons of emails of people asking me what do I eat to stay healthy, how did I achieve my bodyshape and the most common one "are your boobs real?".I'm going to go with the boob question first and yes they're au natural.I've always I guess "suffered" with a big bust, especially during secondary school when at one point I was wearing a G cup bra, but since then I've been lucky enough for them to reduce in size and not cause me as much backpain as before, its just the struggle trying to find clothes that fit or a decent bra that holds them.I'd recommend Ann Summers bra's for the bigger cups, whilst also having that sexy lingerie feel too, however I would steer clear from the Knickerbox range if you have big boobs as those bra's (in my experience) tend to not hold them very well and the straps become loose very easily.

Onto my exercise regime.I actually don't really have one, I only kind of do a little exercise when I have motivation or free time to actually do something which is pretty much never really.On a good week I do up to 50 squats (100 if your lucky!) or 50 sit-ups, as I mainly just focus on toning my stomach and bum.This doesn't have an impact on my body shape what so ever, as I've always been quite curvy especially by my annoying sticking out hips, so please don't do these exercises if you want to try and achieve my curvy body shape, because I guarantee it won't work and you already have a beautiful shape already, so don't even think about it!

Again for the food regime, I don't have one.I literally eat like a horse, to the point where I look 9months pregnant and unable to move from the position I'm in for an hour, its that bad.I'm also one for takeaways too, mostly feasting on dominoes, chinese food, burgers and chips etc basically all the bad junk for your "not" supposed to eat, but how can you not?Its so tasty!Right now even writing this is making me want to eat some chilli doritoes or some cheeto's...I'm probably making you hungry too...sorry :') I know this doesn't really give you the answers you were expecting, like a breakdown list, but this is honestly what my life is like and I'm now considering that I should probably start eating healthy...after Christmas though :D

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