Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Body Shaming via Social Media

Social Media is one of the easiest ways to keep up to date with your friends, family, celebs and that hot boy who you see at the bus stop everyday, however some people use it to cyberbully others.We all react differently to what is posted, some of it maybe humorous to us, while others it may cause upset and even sometimes anger.Over the years of being on nearly every social media platform that exists, I've noticed there is a lot of body shaming, especially on social media site Instagram.Body shaming has been around for years, but with profiles being accessible so easily, its going to increase the amount of people that think its ok to put down others.I've also noticed (this may just be coincidence), but a lot of it that I see and from experience is that its women who mostly body shame, not only on the opposite gender but also on each other.This can be down to two things of why they do it in my opinion which is either 1.They are so insecure/ jealous, it makes them feel better and 2. They are a bitch/bastard, which yes is harsh, but also true if you like being mean to others and getting a kick out of it.

The first one like I said above about seeing it on Instagram which was very recent, involved a young girl at the age of 13, who's page is dedicated to Ariana Grande.Just being announced that Ariana Grande is the new spokesperson for MAC Cosmetics, their were hundreds of people (including myself) who weren't really happy about this, however some people took it to the next level.This poor girl over the next few hours after it being announced got more abuse thrown at her, not only judging her admiration for Ariana, but also bashing on the way she looked by targeting her personal account.Some people would just sit there and enjoy the drama, but I decided to stick up for this girl and guess what happened?I then started to get abuse on my photo's.I'm currently at that mindset that words don't upset me because I've been through it all already, but at 13 hearing people calling you and I quote "Stupid fat bitch", "Your so fat", along with other insults can hit the self esteem quite badly.Since then, she's removed her account which is a shame, because the way I see it, is that those girls have won and they are going to keep doing it.
My Body Image: To the left is a photo of my current body shape in my chill out at home clothes(I know it looks like I have man parts).Over the past 10 years of my life, my body shape has not changed that much, and during those 10 years I was picked on for it.During school I was called fat, overweight and was even picked on for having boobs, because at the time I was 36G with my size 12-14 body, which the majority of my boobs made up for.One of my closest friends would call me "twiggy" as in the sense I was like a twig off a branch, which at the time gave me confidence because I believed I was "fat" and they were basically calling me skinny.When I started college my body was more appreciated by some, instead I would get the odd comment "your too skinny".This didn't effect me at the time, but looking back at it now, admittedly yes, I did look quite skinny, however I was in the healthy weight range and the fact that I did eat so much was the reason why I got through it and it not bothering me.Few years after that I would find myself looking in the changing mirror and be sad at the fact I wouldn't fit into something or it was a size up from what I normally was and then I realised something so obvious.I was dressing for the wrong body shape.

Everything that I was trying on made me look bigger than what I actually was, and wasn't complimenting my figure at all.Another thing which I'm sure you can agree with if you have boobs, is that a top maybe too tight around the chest and fits snug around the stomach, but going up the next size, would cause it to fit great around the boobs but too baggy around the stomach like WHAT THE HELL!Eventually, I got better at finding clothes that complimented my body shape, making things easier and being more happy, but I would still get the odd comment of being called fat and the most common one "fake". According to people that have never seen my body in person nor have any experience in plastic surgery, think that I've had a boob job and that I've  used a waist trainer to achieve my shape, hence the reason calling my body fake.I can understand why because these days so many people do to extreme limits to achieve the body they want, but mine is all natural and if I did have that kind of money it would certainly be spent on games.

So what have I gathered over the years about Body Shaming?Their is always going to be that person or a group that will have something to comment, just to put you down.I have no problem with smaller or bigger ladies, because we all do not need to look the same and be made to feel like we need to look a certain way to fit in society.If you are stuggling with any weight, body shaming issues etc, feel free to email me at  All messages are confidential and will not be shared with anyone else


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