Saturday, 24 October 2015

STR8 Brush Potential Scam!-PLEASE SHARE!

 Its a hit and miss these days when coming across a site which may look like a scam but is genuine and vice versa."STR8 Brush" was recommended to me via facebook on the sponsored panel, and I thought to check it out.With over 40,000 likes at the time, and posting quite regularly, everything seemed ok so far.Scrolling down they had a post with "Share and comment win and we will pick 3 winners to review our brush.Winner annoucned at 10pm tonight!", and along with everyone else I entered in a chance to win.Next day looked to check to see who the winners were and didn't find anything.Few hours later again they posted the same post as above, and I entered again hoping to boost my chances.After it repeatedly happened 4-5times with no winners announced, I posted asking "who were the winners" (photo below) and of course got no response, among the other girls who had commented the same thing.
The next red flag was the amount of people that commented at the time who hadn't even received there product but the money was taken from there account.No dispatch email or anything, just the funds had been taken from there account and that was the end of it.
Scrolling through the comments to which then I started to notice were later getting deleted, was that a lot of people were complaining of not receiving there products and also the frustration of them not picking any winners.Although it is up to the company in which they can opt out if they wish, they are ignoring these potential "customers" still and in a way they are going a good way about it, because it can potentially get to the point when they can no longer wait to be "chosen" and will purchase there and then, we've all done it whether its makeup, clothes, or games.

The last straw was me calling them out completely on not trusting them (photo below), and pointing out 3 facts from what I've learnt of them as a company.Literally after 2mins they commented on there own photo again, and roughly after an hour my comment was removed and I've been blocked by the page, so no longer can communicate with them and also be able to warn you.

Please do NOT order from the website as this is the site they have advertised on there page and please report the page here. Please share this post with family and friends to warn them too, lets try and keep our lives a little less scam free :)

UPDATE 18th November: Unfortunately since posting this, this page is still available on Facebook, drawing more and more people in everyday.They've gone from 40,000 to 151,563 likes, which I find terrifying, as most people do not know how much of a scam they are.I have also attempted to contact them via their "contact us" on their website, but still no response or explanation. I've also been messaging accounts on Facebook of people that have commented on their posts, hoping to win one of these brushes, and may of clicked on the link provided in the message that has brought you here. Please share this post warning others, as I really do not want to see anyone else get sucked into their lies.
I'm also very sad to report, especially to Zoella fans, is that they are now using pictures of Zoella to advertise their product.This is extremely false advertising, and some of you may think  maybe they put her photo there to achieve straight hair like hers, but having it with no title what so ever and being next to their product, kinda gives off the vibe that Zoella "backs" this product in a way.What is more horrible is although Zoella has such a massive fanbase of all ages, its worrying for the younger generation to get sucked into this.REPORT THE PAGE NOW!

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