Friday, 9 October 2015

Shea Moisture lands in the UK

Ahhhhh!Yes you read right!Shea Moisture has finally landed over here in the UK, becoming available at high street store Boots.They are available to purchase online, and are currently rolling out in Boots UK stores.This is a great move by Shea Moisture, because there range covers different curl types and also to tackle our personal needs(e.g frizz and dry hair).I've been using there products for the past few years, and although I have achieved great results with their products, I stopped purchasing them due to the crazy price people would charge here and the occasional fake ones I would receive off Amazon.Now knowing that not only these are the genuine products, and the pricing is so much better, this will be a great move for other curlies to be able to walk into a high street store and purchase the products there and then.Its also a great move more products for our hair is being introduced more, which is a big step forward and hope other brands follow suit too.Cannot wait to get my hands on some more Shea Moisture Products!What products from there range you most excited about?

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