Saturday, 19 September 2015

Love Your Curls Questions

I get a lot of questions sent in from you guys,mostly hair related which haven't been covered on my blog yet, but these are some of the most common questions I receive: Why do you Blog?What made you want to blog specifically about curly hair?Why don't you do video's?I thought I'd answer these for you in this post explaining why and any other questions you may want answered :)

Ok to answer the first two questions "Why do you Blog?" & "What made you want to blog specifically about curly hair" is because I wanted to help others around the world, starting off mainly in the UK encouraging others to love there hair.As I was new to the blogging world, I decided to start off by doing some product reviews, which involved quite a bit of time and also money to kick start it off.In the first year it didn't kick off that well because mainly my camera (iPhone) sucked at taking pictures, and also people holding me back too.When I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder last year, this was a massive impact, alongside everything else I was trying to cope at the time which caused me to start losing motivation of nearly everything.Upon getting rid of the negative people in my life, I started to blog again as it kept me distracted and  I loved being able to help others.I then purchased myself a new camera to get myself some more better quality photo's and to be able to express things better through this too.Blogging is not only a hobby that I love, but its being able to help others and interact with people around the world.Nothing makes me happier than getting a email from someone saying they are on a journey to love there hair or go natural because of my blog, or mostly parents of kids who enjoy reading my work, it feels amazing.Being able to review a product of a new business that's about to start is also amazing.Its not about "oooh free stuff!", its about getting that person to kick off there business and also giving them some feedback if they need to improve.

Lastly the video question, and I'm sorry if I've rambled on, I'll try keep this section short.The reason why I don't do Youtube videos (well currently) is because 1.Finding the time to film and edit, which takes a lot of time. 2. The lighting in my room sucks but I'm planning on getting a ring light in the future and 3.My anxiety gets the best of me sometimes making the filming process very difficult and stressful.I'm hoping to start doing video's again soon, as the cold weather completely puts me off from going out and won't be as busy :D

I hope this post answers your questions and if there's anything else you want to ask, feel free to email me :)

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