Saturday, 5 September 2015

LA Splash Disney in the UK!

I'm sure a lot of you have recently heard about LA Splash's new lip lustre's, taking after Disney Characters.When first seeing these on my timeline, I honestly thought someone had just photo shopped these and that they weren't genuine, but once someone shared an article via BuzzFeed with more information about them, then I went batshit crazy.I then found out they have a range named after harry potter too (FANGIRLING HERE), so I ended up watching videos, swatches and going crazy like the rest in the comment section O_O

Next step was, is this availible in the UK, if not do they ship to the UK?YES to both of them questions, however the shipping fee via LA splash cosmetics have a hefty shipping fee(£23!), while you can purchase this range, AND there harry potter lip lustre's from Love Makeup for £9.50 + £3.50 delivery charge.Now because this is a new product and despite seeing how amazing they look in videos,reviews and photo's, I only ordered the one shade (Lady) just to see how good they actually are, and if so I will probably end up buying the rest, excluding Jasmine and Ariel, because that is way to bright for my skintone!Really excited and hoping these live up to the hype.What colours will you be trying first?

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