Monday, 17 August 2015

Look Fantastic- First Experience

Despite calming down, I still feel the need to post this because I think its disgusting and no one else should go through this nonsense!So as I posted a few days ago, I treated myself in ordering a NARS foundation, which I got through it arrived  I was very excited, and upon opening the box, I found that it was damaged.

This would leave anyone disappointed, so I contacted there customer service team who advised to send pictures of the damaged items to progress the issue further.Sending off the images, I waited around for 10minutes to call them back on an update.It was reviewed by the necessary department to which I was offered the choice of:

1.10 % partial refund on the item which would be £3.20
2.Sending the item back via collect + to progress a refund

I agreed to the collect +, to which then I found out they no longer offer this service.

Being on an island that's quite restricted to getting to areas, costing quite a lot too, I contacted Look Fantastic again on trying to resolve this because I was not happy at all.Speaking with someone on live chat this time, I was offered a £5 refund."Wow £1.80 even more" i thought, and it angered me even more because it was like they were taking the p**s.I was then advised again on using collect + which I told them the store that was the closest no longer offer this service.I was then told I should of received a free returns label with my item and guess what?I didn't!So now I'm kinda left in Limbo because I have no idea on how to be returning this item and also I have another item which is expected to be delivered by them tomorrow!The only positive outcome from this is that the shade that I ordered is way too dark for me so will be ordering a lighter shade and the luck of me also not shaking the bottle as recommended, because a lot more of this product would of been wasted, as it wasn't screwed on properly.Anyone else had any customer service problems with Look Fantastic?Updates to follow....

UPDATE: 6:00pm
After speaking to one of my friends who explained to me about the Consumer Contracts Regulations and Sales Of Good Act, I rang them up again wanting to get this sorted.The lady I spoke to was very lovely, and told me the person I had spoken to on live chat hadn't even processed for a label to be sent to me.She done this for me while also finding another collect + closer to me, and was very apologetic.

I've now ordered another NARS foundation this time in the shade Barcelona which was the original I was going to go for, but having a similar skin tone to Blogger/Model Nada Adelle, I wanted to try the shade Cadiz.I'm expecting another delivery from them tomorrow and another earliest Friday, so will keep you posted :)

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