Friday, 14 August 2015

Feeling Maya,NARS & Pretty Little Liars!(Spoilers!)

Being a product junkie you kinda get into a routine where you stop buying hair products for a while, and start to get quite cranky which I know is kinda sad, but I do dedicate most of my time to my blog trying to help you guys find your perfect curl products and to wear them proudly.This morning I received these lovely products from Feeling Maya, and these have been developed for mixed race curly hair.I'm really excited to try these and upon opening them, they smell absolutely amazing!Review is here!Click Me :D

Another struggle that a lot of us go through, especially if your skin colour is between Medium-Dark, is finding a foundation that matches.For the past 6years I've been using Maybelline Satin/Super Stay foundation, as it was the only one that was the closest match and provided good coverage.Unfortunately Maybelline have changed the formula as it is no where near the shade it used to be, so I done some research on foundations and the main two that came up were MAC and NARS.I decided to go with NARS because I have had issues with MAC products in the past.I'm planning to post a review on this which I'll update you on.Fingers crossed I chose the right shade!
I've been a Pretty Little Liars fan for the past couple of months and I know, the rage does not even compare to the people who have been watching since Day 1!I'm normally not one to blog about TV shows in an negative way, but I've never been so disappointed over a show in a very long time."A" being revealed as CeCe was not the only let down, but also Sara's two important roles as Red Coat and Black Widow made it even worse.Although these two characters are likable in there own way, they were just not enough importance to be able to portray them, which is why I think the majority of the fandom isn't too happy.
 The positives though, is 1. Emily punching Sara!She didn't go for some little slap around the face it was a full blown punch,Go Emily! 2. You can't fault there acting skills, even if the story line was really crap (being nice), they carried it very well.As for the next season, I'm not looking forward to it and I'm in no hurry to watch it straight away.What did you think of the episode?Are you happy with who A is?

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