Thursday, 9 July 2015

Want to be featured on my blog?Read to find out how!

You all know how much I love to blog, and in the past few months you know a lot about why I do it and what I do.I now want to get you involved, by featuring you guys. Blogger only shows me the locations of the audience that I reach, so I have no idea what target audience I reach at all and this is where you come in. The way I want to do this, and if any of you have any other idea's please throw them in, is that I want you to take a photo of yourself with your hair in the shot, with the hashtag #loveyourcurls and tagging my social media handles which I will post below.(This is not just restricted to curly hair, all hair types welcome)

Instagram: shanisemorgan
Twitter: xshanisemorgan

Another reason of what made me want to do this was the "don't judge challenge" which has been getting on my nerves for the past week.I want to do my bit by expressing to others that you don't have to change your hairstyle (like relaxing for example) to feel accepted by others.If you want to relax,straighten or blowdry you hair, that is fine, I have no issue with that, I'm just here to offer advice, because I've been there when relaxing my hair all those years ago. Share with you friends to get them involved too :)

As mentioned on my twitter page,The Mahogany Naturals Review will be posted on the 13th July.I've been very lucky to receive two products from this range, which are "Hydrating Hair Juice" and "Irish Cream Hair Smoothie".I've been using these over the past 4weeks to see how well they work on my hair and to also write up a review for you guys on how it went and if you should purchase these products.

Cannot wait to hear from you :)


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