Tuesday, 21 July 2015

New Stuff & Mixed Chicks Review Coming Soon!

Its not as bad as it looks!I've been at it again with the shopping and ending up purchasing these straighteners.I wasn't intending to buy straighteners, but Amazon were selling these for £33.99 from the hefty price of £89.99, and hearing great reviews about them not being as damaging compared to standard straighteners, I couldn't resist.

I've only used them the once so far, and on first impressions, my hair wasn't left dry and my hair has a shine too, which my GHD's were lacking.They also straightened my hair a lot better than my GHD's which is amazing because I've been a GHD user since 14 and never came across a brand that tackled thick hair until now.Amazon have these and the frizz therapy still on sale here.
Keratin Therapy    Frizz Therapy
Next up,this Friday (24th), I will be posting a review on Mixed Chicks.This review will include there spring bands, shampoo, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner.These products were provided by Mixed Chicks UK.Check out there Facebook page here. Once the review becomes available I will post the link here :)

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