Sunday, 31 May 2015

Summer Essentials Blog (Coming Soon!)

Hot summer weather is nearly here in the UK, and I've been working on a Summer Essentials blog for you guys, focused on clothes, hair, and beauty cosmetics. I've never really dressed for summer in the previous years due to either being cold all the time or my confidence just sucked but gradually over time I started to gain confidence in myself and to start wearing summer clothes.To start off I wanted to post one of my sneak peek outfits that will be posted on my summer blog with all the information of where you can get it and how much it is too.As an example of this. this  white lace top (which i received yesterday) cost me £5 from china and was delivered in just under two weeks.To achieve the best look from it I would recommend wearing a white strapless bra or bandeau underneath which I failed to do here (purple bra) as my ordered one hasn't arrived yet, and wearing nothing underneath could show off a little too much (see through warning)

I'm due to get this completed by the 10th June, as I'm still collecting and adding items that I think will benefit you in the summer period.I will also be posting a review on the Shea Moisture Curling Gel Souffle soon too, but I will let you know when I post my summer blog.Hope your enjoying the warm weather :)

Shanise       x

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