Saturday, 2 May 2015

Morning Curls Using Big Hair Beauty & Real Techniques

Morning curls are a hit and miss, and 100% of the time I would wake up with dry hair, not moisturised at all!I would have to make my hair damp everyday to make it work especially at 8am.With the Big Hair Beauty review coming up this week which I know you've been waiting for since my last sneak peek, I decided to show results of a morning curl routine which I have only been doing in the last few days which have brought great results.

So recently I have been wearing my hair in a bun because its my new favourite style.Being lazy, I would sleep with it too which normally wouldn't be a great idea due to waking up in such a hair mess,I'll be sitting there for a good hour the next morning de-tangling(looong!)

Since using the Leave In Moisturising Milk in my hair,I no longer have to worry about this.Its applied to my hair in the morning to seal in the moisture and for style, and left in until bedtime.This lasts the whole day and literally zero maintenance. From an hour, I now spend about a minute finger de-tangling and I'm left with soft,bouncy,shiny curls!:)

Went on another mad one this week and since finding my holy grail for my hair,I've now focused my attention back onto makeup (Games will always come first).There has been a lot of hype over this brand and I never really purchase hyped products at all or give it a few years once the price has dropped so I don't feel cheated.They had the brushes on sale and after doing some research on what would work best alongside my Maybelline liquid foundation, I chose the expert brush.

First time using it I was disappointed only to find I wasn't using it correctly and not blending my it in properly either.After watching a few tutorials and finding which one I felt comfortable using best, I know have more flawless results.This isn't an review as such just a first impression, but I am thinking of also including more makeup cosmetics into my blog too!

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I hope you all enjoy the 3day weekend :)

Shanise              x

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