Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Hair Q&A

Thanks to everyone who emailed me questions and commented on my Q&A photos on facebook/instagram.The questions have been kept anonymous and the answers will be reflected  my opinion of the products and to the best of my knowledge.

Q: Why did you decide to go natural?
A: Its a few things really that made me want to go natural.One of the main things was that I didn't feel like I was myself because I was constantly straightening my hair to either fit in and to stop getting bullied.I got picked on because of my hair being curly and was often told "you look pretty with straight hair" which you can agree it doesn't help your confidence as its like there inclining your not pretty with your natural self.The second was the amount of damage I had inflicted onto my hair with the heat and chemicals.I started to get split ends, no growth and the last time I relaxed my hair my fringe completely snapped off.All of these things made me decide to go natural

Q:What hair type are you?
A: I'm a mixture of 3a/3b/3c

Q: Why is my hair inconsistent?One routine will yield great results one day, and then the next day they're horrible with the same products
A: This question threw me in many ways, because there isn't an actual answer to this as it could be a number of things.Our hair is known to not always take in moisture very well, possible due to the porosity and protein levels in our hair.This can be effected by the hair products we use that can cause an in balance in this, which explains the frizz.I found this by researching this and I find it personally to make sense, but who knows?Our curls are so damn confusing

Q: Why is my curl pattern different in the front of my head in comparison to the back near my neck?
A: This could be down to a number of things, if you apply heat to your hair for example this could change the curl pattern completely or that it is the way your curl is naturally growing.My hair on the left is a mixture of 3a/3b.The 3a is due to my curls stretching as there getting longer, and the 3b are corkscrew curls.The right side is 3c curls which I sometimes have to use a separate curl product to define them.

Q: How do I get my crown to curl a bit more?
A: Cantu curl activator has always helped me get my curls to there full potential.Apply this or your curl cream if you have one and scrunch your hair while its still wet.Not only will this define your curls it will help to curl your hair and keeping frizz to a minimal (as long as you don't touch it)

Q: Why do I have 4 curl types?I keep big chopping thinking its damaged but I rarely use heat and it keeps growing back the same
A: This can depend on two things.Like I answered before it could be just the way your curl naturally forms, as I have 3 different curly types.See how your curls come out with no heat at all, even if its rarely done, it depends on your heat protectant and deep conditioning your hair after having heat applied.

Q: What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
A: I use Tresemme Deep cleansing shampoo for any build up like silicone based products and Herbal Essences Silk n Shine Shampoo/Conditioner for softness and shine :)

Q: Why do you use silicone products?I'm to scared to use them as I hear there bad :(
A: You can either love or hate silicone's depending on what ones you use, how you use them and having a cleansing shampoo to remove the build up.I have gone through not having any at all and my hair was lacking defined and soft curls, then going full out silicone based products and my hair would get so much build up it would look rank.

I remember reading a tip in a facebook group called Curl Crush, which was as long as you have a deep cleansing shampoo to remove the build up and wash your hair up to twice a week (depending on how many silicone's you use), your hair should not be affected by the silicone's.Also it depends on how your hair reacts to them.Some may make your hair look and feel good, while others may not so its trial and error on what works best for you :)

Q: Can you recommend any products for hair growth?
A: Jamaican Black Castor Oil hands down. The photo below is my hair with a 8week gap and you can see the difference.I applied it 5-6 days a week before going to bed or a part of my LOC method and achieved these results. You can buy it here

Q: What hair oils do you use?Coconut oil doesn't seem to work for me :(
A: My hair is iffy with coconut oil too.Garnier Ultimate Blends coconut oil is the only one that works for me which you can buy here. Jojoba oil is always a great alternative too which can be purchased here.I mostly use argan oil infused products to nourish my hair.

Q: I'm getting so frustrated with my curls,I want to relax it sometimes,its getting worse,help
A: I know exactly how you feel, and I'm sure others reading this question can relate to it too.We all have off days when our hair doesn't look as good like the day before and it just makes us either want to chop it,apply heat or use chemicals.I've felt this way numorous times but it does eventually get better if you have a positive outlook on it.

I would sit in front of the mirror while still getting ready and think of all the positive things about my hair,and the one that stood out the most was "Unique".Each of our curls are unique and why would I want to relax/damage it just so to be like everyone else?That's taking my uniqueness away.Sure I agree, straightening your hair sometimes is nice to have, but save it for an occasion or as long as you trust yourself to not get into a routine of doing it all the time, because then your hair will end up getting damaged.Our curls can be annoying sometimes, but they make us stand out,who we are, and are unique.

Q: How many times do you apply heat?Summer is coming and curly hair is a no no!
A: I apply heat every 3-4 months or if there is an occasion coming up and I want my hair in a particular style.I use heat protectant on my hair during the summer weather even on my curly hair to reduce the frizz from humidity

Q: Do you trim your own hair and how many times do you get it trimmed?
A: I trim my own hair, and I trim it every 3-4 months when I straighten my hair to do a length check.I found this is the best way to see damaged ends and to snip them off to achieve healthy looking hair.Each time the trimming reduced and I now hardly have to trim it.

Q: Can you recommend any online stores apart from Superdrug/Boots as they always sell out :(
A: Amazon is one of the best retailers to find afro/curly hair products, just please make sure to check reviews/feedback first as a few are selling counterfeits.Curly Emporium is also a great retailer that sells products for our hair types too!

Q: My ends are damaged from heat, do I have to do the big chop?
A: No you don't have to, but you will need to trim them once your hair has grown out as there is no way of reversing the damaged ends.Also, if your hair starts to split up the hair shaft from the damaged ends, that is a sign that you need to cut those ends straight away or your hair is just going to grow damaged.

If your question wasn't answered this time, don't worry it will be added to the next Q&A.Hope my answers helped you and I'm looking forward to the next one :)

Shanise     x

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